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Bowl of coffee ― mince pie

Can’t be in one of the Commonwealth countries without trying a mince pie!

I thought this had meat in it for the longest time, but I think that’s only the early traditional recipes. Now it’s basically just a medley of fruits and spices. My flatmate told me it’s best warm with cream, but I’m not a fan of cream. Anyway, like everything I’ve had from Filou’s so far, this was fantastic. The pastry crust was phenomenal – light, buttery and perfectly sweetened. Although I’m a bigger fan of the usual American pie fillings, this one grew on me. The nutmeg flavour is very potent and overpowers a lot of the other flavours, but the alcohol (I’m guessing brandy after looking through a list of recipes) added a warm depth to the overall taste.

Lunch at Lentil As Anything, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia:


Silly Saturday supper menu



I seriously love this place. Thanks to Nichole for bringing me and Nathalie here! We need to go back soon.


Everything on the menu except rice.

The cauliflower and sweet potato dish were my favourites. Everything had a bold and intense flavour, ranging from sweet to tangy to spicy to savoury. The dhal was advertised as being extremely spicy, but I didn’t think it was that hot at all. Maybe I just have a high tolerance. I wasn’t a big fan of the noodles because they were a bit too oily, but they had a nice tangy savoury flavour.


Spiced fruit & nut cake


So good. It’s like the holidays came early! I scraped off the coconut cream although the flavour kind of lingered. I had a second helping with my chai latte and wow, perfect way to end brunch.


Sip of Nathalie’s hot cocoa



I was a fan! Very chocolate-y and not ultra sweet. And look at how gorgeous it looks!


Chai latte






So serene. The latte was great, although there was a bit too much milk and too little spice for my liking. But it surpasses a lot of chai lattes I’ve tasted in the past, especially since it wasn’t on the sweet side.


At the Gelato World Tour – Oceania, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia:


Nichole’s (#2) Mandorla Affogato from Cow and the Moon in Sydney, Australia


Nathalie’s (#12) Pistachio Crunch from Cones Ice Cream Hawthorn in Hawthorn (Melbourne), Australia

Since I went to this booth several times yesterday, the lady knew me and told her employee to scoop extra gelato for Nathalie. She then topped the cup with two cone wafers and put two spoons in, so Nathalie and I could share. What a sweetie! Perks of being friendly and getting to know the artisans! I wish her store was closer, because then I’d go all the time. Anyway, I had a couple spoonfuls and one of the cone wafers. Mmm, just as good as I remembered.



Nathalie’s (#8) Pavlova Gelato from Frangipani Gelato in Sydney, Australia


Nichole’s (#3) Tiramisu from Giapo in Auckland, New Zealand



Another view


Shared mini cone of (#7) Banana with Dulce de Leche from 7 Apples Gelato in St. Kilda (Melbourne), Australia



Chickpea & lentil spaghetti w/zucchini pasta (2)



Austalian bush muesli w/almond milk (2)