Upon my arrival in Paris, I had one mission: find the best croissant aux amandes*.

That never happened, sadly.

But the most unique (and delicious!) croissant aux amandes I consumed was a matcha flavoured one from Sadaharu Aoki, a pâtisserie that fuses traditional Japanese ingredients with French pastries.

The 6th arrondissement location (there are twelve around the world) is teensy, as are most Parisian shops, with a clean, modern interior. With the exception of baked goods, almost all the decor were in shades in grey and beige. Pristine glass cases displayed rainbows of temptation and contrasted with the sleek metal borders.

[Be careful, photography is not allowed. I took these before I deciphered the lady’s French.]


Come for the interesting flavours – where else can you purchase a wasabi flavoured macaron? – and gorgeous displays of pastries, chocolates and baked goods. There is a reason why there are multiple global locations.


matcha croissant__2


Perhaps I am projecting some sentimentalism (this was the first almond croissant I ate while in Paris) but I truly did enjoy what I purchased. An extra perk: neither the macaron nor almond croissant was overly sweet!


matcha croissant__3

Sadaharu Aoki
35 Rue de Vaugirard
6th  Arrondissement
Paris, France 75006
+33 1 45 44 48 90

*I personally think the best croissant aux amandes is from Filou’s Artisan Patissier in Melbourne, Australia.