Cafe Sunflower and I had a rocky start.

For one, this is not your typical cafe and if it is, I am from the ghetto side of town. Another aspect that irked me was the only sunflower I saw was printed on the menu. There wasn’t even a fake sunflower in the “cafe”!


The exterior is rather unassuming, but the interior decor is more on the refined side: wood panelled walls, glossy surfaces, very dim lighting and hushed conversations.

I committed so many faux pas (is this plural?) here, but I’ll just recall two incidents:

1. I asked the waitress for the dessert specials and she told me that they were on platters. She turned to leave, presumably toward the desserts, and me being me, I thought that was an invitation to follow her. Seriously though, who carries out several cakes on several platters with just two hands? I get up, make a move to follow her, she quickly protests and ushers me back into my seat telling me that she will in fact, bring out the cakes*. Half of the restaurant (that’s what it really should be called) stared at me. Whoops.

2. I ate dessert with much gusto before my salad. In fact, I was halfway done with my raspberry chocolate mousse cake (highly recommended) before  my avocado-massaged kale salad even arrived, much to the horror/amusement of my waitress. There’s a million reasons why I should have had my salad first, but the stomach wants what it wants.


Regardless of my embarrassments, the food more than made up for it. Shout-out to Dina, who recommended this place to me, because I want to try everything on this menu. The biggest perk: this is an all-vegetarian “cafe”, which means I can eat every single dish ― time, money and preference permitted.

If I want to come back despite my many, many social blunders, you definitely should give this place a try. Ask for the dessert ― don’t get up ― and choose your meal around that. Planning bottoms-up is not a bad thing, and sometimes (hey, computer science algorithms!) it’s a good thing. A very good thing in my case.

Cafe Sunflower

2140 Peachtree Road NW

Brookwood Square

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

+ 404 352 8859


*She brought out one platter featuring one slice from each cake. Real-size representation.