Big thank you to Caitlin, who woke up at 3 in the morning and combatted fog, so I could fly toward some warmth.

Pre-Airport Departure Snack:


1/2 banana

Breakfast at Baltimore ― Washington Airport, Baltimore, MD:


Banana, apple chips & almond butter sandwich

Lunch at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, Atlanta, GA:


Lucky Green Tea bowl w/tofu: quinoa simmered with veggies in a green tea – miso reduction, topped w/collard kale salad & served w/wasabi

This dish packed on the heat! At first I thought it was just hot, but no, there’s some spice to it before adding the wasabi. I quite enjoyed the upper half of this dish, but the green tea – miso reduction became too salty. The flavours were completely overpowered by how salty the reduction was, and no amount of wasabi or minced salad helped.

Early Dinner at Cafe Sunflower, Atlanta, GA:


Raspberry chocolate mousse


Avocado massaged kale salad w/lime, orange, beet & almond

Dessert first, lunch second much to the horror/amusement of my waitress.

The raspberry chocolate mousse cake featured a thin layer of raspberry jam sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake and mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. My tastebuds threw a rave and I don’t know where Cafe Sunflower outsources their dessert, but I need to find out. For such an indulgent, decadent dessert, this was surprisingly light and never overwhelming. The flavours complemented and balanced each other well. Highly, highly recommend this.

Cafe Sunflower ran out of oranges, so I substituted with lemon. This salad is exactly what I would eat on a daily basis if I had the supplies, so it wasn’t novel for me. I liked how the creaminess of the salad complemented the creaminess of the cake though. (Yes, I chose my entrée based on my dessert.) Both dishes were delicious and items I would definitely order again.