Bird-lovers, rejoice! 

Those with ornithophobia, beware! I nearly had a panic attack walking up to this kitschy eatery.


R. Thomas came highly recommended to me, but I found their lunch menu rather uninspiring and actually had to internally debate on which item I didn’t mind the least. Their drinks menu looked a bit more appealing, but I was not in the mood for any beverage except water.

The decor, combined with Atlanta’s rather humid weather, transported me to high school paradise-themed parties. Flying plastic birds, Hawaiian-print tables and colourful lanterns are only the beginning…


The dish I ordered could have used less salt ― what else is new? ― although I suppose I needed to replenish my electrolyte reservoir after all that sweating. What did impress me was my tattooed waitress ― attentive and kind without being pushy. Thanks to her, I stayed plenty hydrated and finished my meal in record time.

I don’t think I will frequent this place again, however there is a relatively large selection that will probably cater toward most dietary choices. I just happen to be a bit too picky sometimes. It is worth a visit and if you’re around Atlanta in the wee hours of the morning hunkering for a bite, R. Thomas is open 24 hours!


R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

1812 Peachtree Street NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

+ 404 872 2942