Meeting up with some folks at Emory today and then flying back to Amherst tonight!

Atlanta, it’s been real and much too quick.

Breakfast at Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA:


Morning bran muffin ― assorted fruit (2) ― granola w/yogurt (2) ― strawberries ― blackberries (not pictured) ― apple strudel (not pictured)

Lunch at Rollins Schol of Public Health, Atlanta, GA:

IMG_4151 (2)

Edamame salad ― kale ― butternut squash salad


I don’t quite know what they fed me, but this was the only vegetarian option. The salads were creamy and littered with green onions. Edible, not something I would actively order.





Roasted almonds

Snack while waiting for the bus:


Dark chocolate almond protein bar


Got this from Emory. Surprisingly delicious ― tasted like a textured chocolate bar. I may consider purchasing some for my chocolate cravings.




Late Night/Early Morning Grub at Route 9 Diner, Amherst, MA:


Breakfast at 1AM, how appropriate.

Big thank you to Caitlin and Andrew for picking me up from the airport!


Chunky monkey pancakes: banana & chocolate chip pancakes (ate half) ― coffee milkshake (shared w/Caitlin)


Mmm, simple and delicious.

I wish the chocolate chips were chocolate chunks but I’ll take what I can get. The coffee milkshake was disappointing though, made with coffee syrup instead of actual ice cream.




Caitlin’s strawberries & Nutella French toast special (ate two bites)


Andrew’s Belgian waffle w/vanilla ice cream (ate a bite)