Pitter-pattered around this morning because I wake up too early for everyone else. 

Emma gave Claire and I a tour of East Lansing, which invariably became a tour of her childhood. Then we discovered the bottom floor of her local UO. And all hope was lost.

Morning Beverage:

DSC_0041 (2)

Latte made by Peter

Emma, can I just move into your home?


DSC_0057 - Copy

Pancakes w/fresh berries

Lunch at Charlie Kang’s, East Lansing, MI:


Emma’s Mongolian chicken (sampled the crunchy rice)

Emma’s family has been going here since she was a kid! 


Claire’s bibimbap (had a spoonful)

Apparently very delicious because Claire is not a fan of bibimbap and kept raving about this. 

Snack at MSU Dairy Store, East Lansing, MI:


Capitol City Sundae (vanilla ice cream w/brownie bits & chocolate swirl) — Honor’s coffee toffee (coffee ice cream w/caramel swirl & toffee)

Thank you, MSU cows and your caretakers. That is all. 


Emma’s Sesquicentennial Swirl (white cake batter ice cream w/cake bits & frosting) & Buckeye Blitz (pb ice cream w/pb cups & chocolate swirl)

Had a spoonful of each. The SS was way too sweet (as expected), but the BB warrants that heart-shaped eye emoji. I’m not as big of a fan of pb as other people, and I absolutely love this!


Claire’s Nittany White Out (vanilla ice cream w/white chocolate covered pretzels) & Golden Apple

Had a spoonful of each as well. Quite sweet and not my typical flavours. I liked the textures though. 



Veggie curry — papadom w/chutney — pink lemonade

Absolutely delicious dinner, and it was Peter’s first time making this veggie curry too! (He had to modify his usual chicken curry recipe.)

Late Night Snack:


Leftover ice cream