Good-bye, Emma! :'(

Off to see Claire’s hometown now; hopefully we’ll make it there by dinnertime since we keep prolonging the departure time.

Morning Beverage:


Latte made by Peter — mint Milano cookie

The last time I’ll drink these amazing lattes. :'(



Pancakes w/fruit

Snack Somewhere in Western Michigan:


Chocolate covered espresso beans — pistachio bits — almonds

Snack Somewhere in Indiana:


Orange — mango from Jenny (shared both w/Claire)

Snack Somewhere in Illinois:


Leftover pancake — chile spiced mango

Dinner at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Naperville, IL:


“The Lou” deep dish pizza (shared w/Claire)

Finally eating a “real” deep dish pizza (I don’t count the time I had Uno’s at the airport)! I enjoyed the crispy crust a lot, but the pizza left something to be desired. The cheese was pulling, which I quite liked, but I thought the toppings could have been better. I suppose I’m just more of a NYC-style pizza type of gal. There’s just too much cheese going on here, and the proportions are too off for me.


Chocolate chip pizza (shared w/Claire, scraped off the whipped cream & cherry)

Best part of the meal. Could have used slightly more chocolate chip cookie. 

Snack from Cookie Dough Creations, Naperville, IL:


Pb raw cookie dough — oreo raw cookie dough (shared both w/Claire)

Yes! No eggs! I also sampled the turtle and fudge brownie flavours, but those were way too sweet. This is also a small size; Claire and I cannot fathom anyone eating a large size. We barely finished a quarter.

Late Night Girls’ Night Snack:


Raw cookie dough — nut clusters

Still couldn’t finish this dough. I mildly want to bake it and see how it tastes.