Heading into the city today! 🙂



Leftover pizza (had a bite) — apples — peach yogurt — chocolate almond milk



Sesame, pb & honey bao made by Claire

I’ve never had this kind of dessert bao before, normally I eat the ones filled with custard or mashed beans. Such a brilliant combination!

Snack at the Naperville Train Station:


Leftover cookie dough (shared w/Claire)

Blurry picture to hide our janky method of eating this.

Pre-Shopping Snack:


Spoonful of pb

Sample at Whole Foods — West Fullerton, Chicago, IL:


Tortilla chips w/French onion dip (2)

So hungry that this tasted incredible.

Late Dinner at Butcher & the Burger, Chicago, IL:


Cajun-spiced veggie burger on lettuce bun w/avocado, tomato, mustard, pickles & goat cheese (+fries, not pictured)

I figured I needed more vegetables. This would have probably been fireworks-worthy with a real bun, but I made it into a sad salad. Quite enjoyed the goat cheese, mustard, and avocado combination.


Claire’s umami spiced shrimp burger on split-top bun w/avocado, goat cheese (+other toppings I probably forgot, had a bite)

Claire doesn’t enjoy burgers but she raved about this! Hurrah! To be fair, her burger was quite good. I’d be really into it if I liked shrimp.


Nothing better than a burger and fries, except for maybe pizza.

Thanks to Claire, who was able to take this picture. The table was too high for me and I didn’t want to stand on the booth.

Late Late Movie Snack while watching Miss Congeniality 2 (2005):


Leftover fries

Not a big fan of these fries.