Exploring the Wicker Park neighbourhood of Chicago today!

If I ever move to Chicago, I’d move there or to Old Town. Kind of in love to be honest.



Maple sugar & cinnamon oatmeal — bread — pb — honey

Coffee at Intelligentsia Old Town, Chicago, IL:



What a weak latte; I’ve been spoiled by Peter. I got lost on the way to the beach (and got lost on the way back to the apartment from the beach too) and decided to stop by for a cup of coffee. Not too impressed.

Late Lunch at Sultan’s Market Wicker Park, Chicago, IL:

DSC_0242 (2)

Falafel sandwich — sesame tamarind bread

Best falafel sandwich I’ve ever tasted and for only $3.75! The medley of textures (juicy veggies, soft falafel insides, crunchy falafel outsides) and flavours (spicy but not salty sauce, deliciously marinated veggies, savoury hummus) cannot be beat. I can see why some people eat two meals a day here. Other falafel places need to get on their level.

DSC_0243 (2)

Claire’s egg sandwich


DSC_0254 (2)

Claire’s rice, couscous & chickpeas (had a spoonful)

Late Dinner at Oiistar, Chicago, IL:

DSC_0274 (2)

Portobello & avocado tempura w/parsley, parmesan & shiso pesto mayo (shared w/Claire)

Avocado anything is amazing.


Spicy Veggimen ramen: mixed greens, tofu, peppers, mushroom & avocado (ate about 3/4)

So good. I love noodle soups!


Claire’s classic ramen w/pork belly & mushrooms