Finally doing all the touristy stuff today! All I really want to see is the Bean.



Bread — pb — honey

Second Breakfast:


Leftover veggie ramen

Late Lunch at Cafecito E Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL:


Elveez sandwich: sweet plantains, guava jam & pb

What a brilliant combination. I need to make this, except I would have preferred better guava jam. This tasted like jelly.

Snack from Starbucks N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL:


Soy matcha green tea latte (shared w/Claire)

Probably the best matcha green tea latte I’ve had from Starbucks. While sweet, I could drink more than a quarter of the cup and taste the matcha! Look at how green that beverage is!

Late Dinner while watching Funny People (2009):


Jalapeno chips — apple — chocolate — dry roasted edamame — pb

Such a great dinner.