Heading back to Massachusetts today! :'(

I wish I could stay longer or go to Iowa with Claire.



Apple — bread — honey — pb — edamame

Coffee at Eva’s Cafe, Chicago, IL:


Almond milk latte

Much stronger than Intelligentsia’s, even though Eva’s uses their coffee beans. I should have gotten soy milk though; I forgot that almond milk gets a bit acidic and is too thin for good foam.

This is the cutest, homey cafe I’ve ever been to an absolute must visit if you’re around the area.

Lunch on the way to Boston Logan Airport:


Pb & honey sandwich

Late Dinner on the way to Leverett, MA:



Technically I ate this on the bus, but I took a picture of another apple because the bus was too dark. I should have brought a water bottle, luckily the apple was juicy enough to quench my thirst.