Trying to finish my work in Leverett early today so that I can go to Amherst and work in the Reader to Reader office!

After two days, I have realised that I cannot live in a rural town, if you can call Leverett a town.



Apple chips — corn puffs — almonds — almond butter



Corn puffs — apple chips — almonds

Snack at Reader to Reader:


Cold pizza

Dinner at Local Burger, Northhampton, MA:


Veggie Southwestern chile burger (veggie patty w/grilled chiles & white American cheese) topped w/mustard, tomatoes, lettuce & pickles — sweet potato fries — coffee milkshake

Why is tonight my first time at Local Burger? I should have gone here my first year! There’s five foods I’m always into: burgers, pizzas, chili (and cornbread), dumplings, and noodle soups, so when Sylvia and I found out that neither of us had frequented Local, we decided to remedy that immediately. It didn’t help that we were grocery shopping and got highly distracted in the ice cream aisle, which subsequently increased our hunger. (I also haven’t had “real” food in several days, so I think I was pretty much delirious at this point and would have agreed to any kind of chow.)

The cheese was so perfectly melty and the diced chiles added such a nice amount of spice that I wanted to cry. I love me a good cheeseburger and this came darn close, texturally. I would have enjoyed a thicker patty or thinner bun, and definitely much more chile. The veggie patty resembled a meat one, with its charred exterior, that I actually thought it was meat upon first glance. Its flavour was rather subtle after the mustard, cheese, chile and bun hence why I wish the patty and bun ratio was switched. I wasn’t too fond of the sweet potato fries though, rather limp and greasy. The regular fries were crispier but still not ones I would order again. However, I would definitely get the coffee milkshake again; they use ice cream from Maple Valley, and good ice cream means good shakes. It was a bit on the thinner side, but the coffee flavour was great! Local also offers a ton of cool flavours (e.g. chocolate pb, cookie dough, peach, blueberry) that I want to try but am somewhat hesitant to do so.

I’ll most definitely have to stop by again to get a cheeseburger and shake, hold the fries though. Am already highly anticipating this visit…


Closer look of Sylvia’s oozing Juicy Lucy burger


An amazing meal, perfect for Friday night and especially needed after a half-week of work.