No assistantship required today, so I’m going to Reader to Reader! 🙂

Today is also the birth of the BucketListCrew. How well will we fare?



Blended frozen pineapples, blueberries & mango chunks topped w/cracked black pepper

Lunch at Reader to Reader:


Salad w/various cheeses, avocado, bell peppers & chili pepper


Pistachio & white chocolate butter cookies, from Dennis

These were so good! Why have I never seen them at Trader Joe’s?! (Actually, probably a good thing I’ve never seen them at TJ’s.)

Dinner at Banh Mi Saigon, Northhampton, MA:


Vegan egg rolls

Not terrible, but my mom makes better veggie egg rolls.


Vegan pho (soybean meatroll, tofu, beancurd strips, vegan beef soy protein, julienne carrots, baby bok choy)

I’m impressed by the flavourful broth and well-imitated meats. Definitely not just a veggie noodle soup, which is why I’m always hesitant when I get a pho craving. It’s good and I would eat it again, but the banh mi look so goddamn delicious that I wanted to order one the entire time. Too bad I couldn’t have both the pho and banh mi.


First consumptions by the BucketList Crew!

Jeannette is still raving about the banh mi. I know what my next order will be.

Samples at Cookie.Works — Thornes Marketplace, Northhampton, MA:


Double brownie fudge (2) — salted pretzel cookies (2)


Lemon poppy cookies (3)

So many samples from such a delicious (and apparently healthy) bakery. I’m obsessed. Tomorrow is their grand opening and I’m definitely checking it out. The owners/bakers are so nice as well and they ship their cookies out! Guess who just became a devoted customer? 😉

My favourite has to be the brownie; I felt so sinful eating these fudgy morsels and yet I couldn’t stop. The lemon poppy were also delectable and would have gone so well with a cup of tea. I wasn’t a big fan of the salted pretzel because of the texture; the pretzels should have been chopped up, but the flavour was great! If you haven’t caught on yet, TRY THIS PLACE.

Dessert at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Northhampton, MA:


Sylvia & Jeannette’s chocolate pb ice cream (had a few spoonfuls)


Kahula ice cream (gave some to the group)

A lot icier than I remember! The flavours were spot-on though.

Late Night Talks at Dobrá Tea, Northhampton, MA:


Ginger pu-erh tea


Ginger pu-erh, two white teas and a yerba mate to ring in the night.

The cutest place! I had such a great time with Christina, Jeannette and Sylvia; we ended up staying here for two and a half hours. When I have my own house, I want a little nook with cushions like this so I can enjoy some tea in utter serenity. The potency of the ginger pu-erh also added to the calm ambiance thanks to the heat kick after every sip. Can’t believe I have not been in here before!