Yes, I’m actually somewhat dedicating this post to Cookie.Works’s grand opening in Northhampton. Christina and I enjoy their goodies a wee bit too much.



Yogurt w/cheerios & matcha green tea

Snack at the Amherst Farmers’ Market, Amherst, MA:


Ginger syrup

More ginger, less lemon juice would have been preferable.


Maggie’s round cheese — tobast cheese

Both delicious, but I liked the sharper, nuttier taste of the Maggie’s slightly better.


Ginger hard apple cider — hard apple cider — switchel

Oh, wow. These are strong.


Pesto cheese roll

Surprisingly very delicious! The bread was airy and doughy, and the pesto cheese marriage was perfectly balanced.



Leftover pho

Working at Thirsty Mind, South Hadley, MA:


Cafe latte — Jeannette’s almond amaretto biscotti (had a piece) — Jeannette’s London Fog (had a sip) — Sylvia’s mango blend

The biscotti was flavourful but not crunchy enough for me. I was a bit disappointed with the latte; the foam wasn’t velvety. However, the coffee was strong and the amount of foam generous so that was good. I also enjoyed the London Fog, but neither Jeannette nor I could taste the vanilla flavouring so it was really just earl grey tea with foam.



Black sesame bao w/pb — steamed spinach

Dessert at Cookie.Works — Thornes Marketplace, Northhampton, MA:


(L to R) orange nutella — caramel apple — oatmeal black currant — congo banana walnut — orange nutella — death by chocolate (shared all except orange nutella w/Christina)

Fantastic! I have yet to taste a cookie I didn’t enjoy. My favourite cookie flavour so far seems to be either the orange nutella or death by chocolate, but I also enjoyed the oatmeal black currant and caramel apple. Both chocolates had toasted oats in it or something of the sort, because they were also crunchy. Flavours were well-balanced and none of the cookies were overly sweet (hurrah!), both of which make this bakery a winner in my book. The cookies are on the crunchy side though, so perhaps not for the chewy lovers.


Vegan strawberry cupcake (shared w/Christina)

Thanks for the cupcake, Christina! 🙂

So amazing 😍! Christina and I both enjoyed the frosting, which definitely tasted like it was made from real strawberries, so that’s a shock. I normally hate frosting. The gluten-free cake itself was dense but moist, and neither of us could quite figure out the flavour. It sort of had apple undertones to me, but did not taste like strawberries. I think the strawberry flavour came completely from the frosting.