Hitting up two of our bucket list spots tonight, but one was much better than the other.



Apple w/pb



Blueberry, pineapple & mango sorbet w/black pepper

Dinner at La Veracruzana, Amherst, MA:


Sip of Marie’s ginger beer — various salsas — Marie’s tostadas — guacamole (shared w/Marie) — zucchinni tamales w/rice, guac & beans

I ordered black bean tamales, but they only had one left so they said they would give me one of each vegetarian option. They didn’t. The texture of the tamales was also revolting, resembling some gelatinous mess. I normally try to finish food if I purchase it, but I couldn’t. The guacamole tasted like lime juice with some avocado, which is not how guacamole is supposed to taste. Overall a disappointment. I should have stuck with my gut instinct and tried the rice and beans burrito — no place could possibility mess that up.

Dessert at Dusty Rose’s Creamery, Hadley, MA:


Green tea soft-serve — amaretto soft-serve (+tiramisu soft-serve, pb soft-serve, not pictured)

The green tea just tasted like vanilla soft-serve and the tiramisu tasted absolutely artificial.


Amaretto soft-serve w/oreos & pb cups blended in

So cheap, so good. I think I like the place in East Lansing better though because of the add-in choices. The seating area is also really relaxing and scenic.

Sample at Trader Joe’s, Amherst, MA:


Lemon & ricotta ravioli

Tastes like a dessert ravioli – lemon ice cream flavoured in a way.