Driving up to Montréal this morning with no accommodations and barely any cash.

Here’s hoping this impromptu trip will go well!

Breakfast at 4:30AM:


Black coffee — bran cereal w/blueberries, pb, cinnamon & almond milk

Fueling up on coffee for the long drive up to Canada!

Snack at a rest stop in Sharon, Vermont:


Leftover falafel sandwich

Snack from Dessert de Taiwan, Montréal, Canada:


Puppy-shaped cake from Christina

Not bad, but a bit dry. The cute shapes make these cakes totally worth it though!

Late Lunch at Nudo, Montréal, Canada: 


Veggie noodle soup

The fresh hand-pulled noodles were really good, you can taste the chewiness of the gluten. But the broth itself was a bit bland and I would have liked more spices.

Snack from Patisserie Callia, Montréal, Canada: 


Piece of Jeannette’s coconut bun

Snack from Patisserie Bao Bao Dim Sum, Montréal, Canada: 


Black sesame bao

Too much bao, not enough black sesame filling!

Snacks from Patisserie Callia, Montréal, Canada: 


Piece of Christina’s sticky rice bun


Piece of pineapple bun

I’ve missed Asian baked goods!


Piece of red bean bun

The red bean paste is good, but way too sweet.

Late Dinner at Vua Sandwiches, Montréal, Canada: 


Vietnamese iced coffee — tofu banh mi

Very sweet coffee, but the strong bitter taste of the beans held up against the condensed milk. Only Vietnamese iced coffee has been able to do this, all other sweetened coffees just mask the coffee flavour. I also really enjoyed the banh mi, even though there was a bit too much mayo for me and I would have liked more tofu. However, the price can’t be beat (less than $4 Canadian dollars for the sandwich)!