Hiked Mont-Royal this morning with Christina and in a sad yet humourous turn of events, we never made it to the summit. Then after a very nerve-wrecking incident involving Walter, the three of us were on our way to make the most of our last hours in Montréal.

Post-Hike Beverage at Cafe El Mundo, Montréal, Canada:


Christina’s London fog and croissant — macchiato

Mmm, loving the strong coffee flavour and coffee to foam ratio!



Leftover banh mi — leftover veggie noodle soup

Still tasty a day later!

Lunch at La Banquise, Montréal, Canada:


Poutine (shared w/Jeannette and Christina)

First time having real gravy and cheese curds, which have a really strange texture. The curds are somewhat rubbery, with a flavour reminiscent of those fake stringy cheese sticks most kids have had at least once in elementary school. I liked that the fries were able to withstand the gravy, instead of getting soggy like most. The gravy also provided a nice, slightly sweet flavour to the salty cheese. I can see why people like poutine!

Afternoon Pick-me-up at Café Olimpico, Montréal, Canada:


Christina’s cafe latte — Jeannette’s cappuccino — macchiato

The size was a little too small for my liking, but the coffee was très strong. I also enjoyed the sporty vibe (actually, the cafe was like a sports bar) of this place a lot.

Snack at St-Viateur Bagel — Rue St-Viateur, Montréal, Canada:


Fresh poppyseed bagel

BEST. PLACE. EVER. The employees were all so sweet and highly amused by our “American” antics. We were waiting for them to finish their poppyseed bagels and they ended up giving us a free bag! The bagel I ate was also delicious, and I made a grave error in only purchasing two from here. Doughy, chewy and perfectly sized I would make trips to Montréal just for this.

Snack at Kem CoBa, Montréal, Canada:


Christina’s lychee & rose soft-serve — Jeannette’s soursop & strawberry ice cream — passionfruit & strawberry ice cream (+sample of pandan, not pictured)

Another great find! They didn’t have pamplemousse (grapefruit), so I settled on passionfruit. All the flavours I sampled were delicious and tasted just like the fruit/flower. I have a suspicion that there’s not much milk/cream in the ice creams because they were very light and the colours are just too vibrant! Another plus is that it’s a (long) street away from St-Viateur Bagels, so I can have two favourites in one sweep. Highly recommend all the flavours in this picture, and probably all of their others are just as good. I just couldn’t eat much of the pandan because it was paired with coconut and I’m allergic.

Last Fueling at Tim Hortons, Montréal, Canada:


Christina’s chai tea & donut — Jeannette’s iced coffee & donut holes — hot cocoa — black coffee — chocolate donut

Finally getting something from here I’ve been wanting to go since junior year of high school! The donuts are so much better than Dunkin’s and super cheap! Jeannette’s iced coffee was too sweet though, so I guess they have that in common.

Snack Somewhere in Vermont:


Dark chocolate covered cherry — cake from Christina


Green tea sponge cake from La Legende Patisserie (shared w/Jeannette and Christina)

Smushed, but not terribly so. Still very moist and delicious! I wish there was less buttercream; it overpowered the green tea flavour.

Snack Somewhere in Massachusetts:


Pistachio from Jeannette