Today seems to be the “middle” point for many birthdays: David, Talia, Olivia, Helene (and Dennis, who we celebrated last week)! Happy birthday, all you Junies!



Poppyseed bagel w/pb, bananas & homemade raspberry jam

Snack at the Office:


Black coffee — strawberries — peaches



Red bean bun — veggie dumplings w/cayenne pepper — spinach

Party-Preparation Snack:


Leftover mango bits

Office Birthdays Celebration:


Spread of desserts at the office today!


Mango, honeydew & sago


Sour cream banana chocolate cake — sugar cookie

Lots of sweets! The chocolate cake was a good amount of sweetness (since I influenced the initial amount of sugar added, Sylvia and Jeannette had to add more sugar), and the chocolate was quite rich. I personally cannot make sugar cookies all that butter and sugar! but do occasionally enjoy one with a cup of tea or coffee. This was sweet, as expected, and should have been paired with a hot beverage. I don’t know how the sago pudding tasted (the office seemed to really like it!) but the fruit and tapioca were good.

Dinner at Banh Mi Saigon, Northampton, MA:


Sip of Marie’s Vietnamese iced coffee — tofu banh mi

Very sweet coffee, but at least the profile was strong. The sandwich could have used less mayo but was still flavourful. Some jalapeno would have helped as well I definitely added a lot of sriracha sauce. I can’t decide if I like the banh mi or pho better, so I guess it depends on what I’m feeling that day.



Orange chocolate slice

Late Night Snack:


Bran cereal w/banana slices & pb