Went on a “cheese” and bread tour of MA of sorts and topped that with some New Hampshire ice cream.

No regrets, many bloated stomachs.

Perhaps we should have added a hike or two and several plates of salad.



Toast w/pb & homemade raspberry jam

Snacking at the Amherst Farmer’s Market, Amherst, MA:


Sip of Christina’s green smoothie


Rosemary bread sample

The smoothie tasted a lot like celery, but it was a pleasant blend of (mostly) greens. Christina forgot the list of ingredients but it was quite hefty from what she listed (and I forgot). The bread was alright, nothing to write home about.


Goat cheese asparagus croissant (ate half, shared w/others)


Hard apple cider sample











I liked the ginger hard apple cider more. The goat cheese asparagus croissant could have used a lot more asparagus, and they should have cut it up.

Samples at Smith’s County Cheese, Winchendon, MA:


Various cheeses

So many cheeses, so good. I liked the one with sun-dried tomato and regular one the best.

Beverage Somewhere in NH near MA Border:


Sip of lemonade

Found several kids with a lemonade stand on the road so we made a pit-stop. Definitely from a mix, but I guess we’re supporting a local business…

Late Lunch:


Bread & cheese picnic feat. ciabatta, Italian bread, seeded bread, gouda w/chipotle & aged cheddar

Such an amazing selection! We all scarfed down this meal so quickly.

*Ciabatta and seeded bread from Amherst Farmer’s Market; Italian from Big Y; Gouda from Smith’s Country Cheese, Winchendon, MA; Cheddar from Chase Hill Farm, Warwick, MA

Ice Cream at Kimball Farm, Jaffrey, NH:


Mocha almond assault (barely made a dent) — sampled malted moo crunch, vanilla chocolate almond, coffee health bar, strawberry kiwi sorbet & kahlua crunch

Too much. Delicious flavours I think the malted moo was the best out of all actually, but in a much smaller portion. Props to anyone who manages to finish a serving by themselves!

Late Dinner:


Roasted turnips — lemon ginger tea — bran cereal

Detoxing needed.