Hiking Mt. Holyoke this morning, and “partying” tonight at Talia’s!

Pre-Hike Snack:


Espresso chocolate chunk cookie

Very caffeinated.

Hiking Snack:


Piece of Emma’s oatmeal bake

I need to make this for breakfasts and snacks.

Post-Hike Lunch at El Comalito, Amherst, MA:


Sip of Christina’s horchata


Chips w/guacamole & salsa

Mexican food always hits the spot, particularly after a hike. Thanks for the lunch, Dennis! 🙂

The avocado burrito is only $5 on Tuesdays during lunch (!!!) and is basically all I want in a burrito. I forgot to say no sour cream though, because it was a little too creamy for me and I ended up adding a lot more hot sauce than usual.

I also really liked El Comalito’s chips, and their guac definitely beats La Veracruzana’s. It actually tastes like avocado, as opposed to lime juice. Their horchata is still too sweet though.


Avocado burrito w/hot salsa, courtesy of Dennis/Reader to Reader


A round of burritos for the best office!

World Cup/Early 4th of July Party at Talia’s House:


We know how to party. For BTS shots, click here.


Mixed berry tequila drink


Pineapple tequila drink











The pineapple one was much better than the mixed berry; blended pineapple is very creamy so the frothy texture was preferred over the more liquid mixed berry texture. Not sure how much tequila Jeannette used, but it was pleasantly mixed in. 


Corn tortilla — salad w/balsamic dressing — grilled asparagus — grilled eggplant — grilled peppers — refried beans — guacamole — pepper jack cheese — (not pictured: blue corn chips, tortilla chips, grilled watermelon, goat cheese, fresh watermelon)

Everything was delicious. I’m happily stuffed.


Oatmeal raisin cookie — chocolate covered bananas w/almonds

Super sweet cookies — the frozen dough was slightly more preferable. I enjoyed the frozen bananas though.