Today is my last full day in Amherst, and I don’t think I’ve fully realised this.

Because I’m me, I’ve planned a big farewell/thank you breakfast for the Reader to Reader team. I’ll miss each and everyone of you immensely.

And for my last Pioneer Valley meal, we’re heading to Local Burger for lots of artery clogging goodness.

Brunch at Reader to Reader:


Chocolate chunk pancakes w/blueberry maple syrup — assorted fruit — pepper jack & chives biscuit

I really like my cheese biscuit!


Sour cream coffee cake w/coffee



Sour cream coffee cake



Dinner at Local Burger, Northampton, MA:


Sylvia’s French fries (shared w/table) — Jeannette’s fried mac & cheese (shared w/table) — peach blueberry milkshake — sip of Sylvia’s coffee milkshake — sip of Christina’s chocolate raspberry truffle milkshake

Thanks for sharing your fries and mac & cheese bites! 🙂 The mac and cheese bites were rather underwhelming; I would have preferred bigger balls. But let’s talk about the milkshakes: peach blueberry and chocolate raspberry truffle. GET THEM. You won’t be disappointed, unless you want a classic milkshake (in which case, stick to the coffee). I couldn’t decide between the peach or blueberry, so I combined both and it was a glorious, glorious combination. Surprisingly refreshing for a dairy-based drink. And the chocolate raspberry was such a nice twist on a classic chocolate milkshake.


Southwestern chile veggie burger

Still a delicious burger. I love me some spice.


Jeannette’s cookie dough milkshake (shared w/Jeannette)

Not the best. Both Jeannette and I were expecting a cookie dough milkshake, but what we got was a vanilla milkshake with very minimal cookie dough bits. So disappointing.

Late Night Snack:


Rest of the mocha assault

FINALLY finished!