Driving from Amherst to Ann Arbor at the crack of dawn today!

And while driving through Canada is faster, the scenery is rather monotonous and perhaps worth taking the longer route.

I did get my Canada stamp though! 🙂

5AM Pre-Departure Breakfast:


Apple w/pb — coffee

Last meal at Sylvia’s! 🙁 Last meal at Amherst! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Snacks on the Road:


Blue corn tortilla chips — veggie dumplings w/cayenne pepper — espresso chocolate chunk cookies — frozen watermelon chunks — black coffee

Snacking while driving through Massachusetts, New York, Canada and Michigan! The most important parts: my iPod, frozen watermelon, and highly caffeinated cookies. I admit that I spent the first two hours on the road tearing up, wanting to turn back to the Pioneer Valley upon every exit I encountered on the freeway.