Back in California (why did I ever leave?!)! 

Visiting Karen in San Diego for the first time since she moved down here…which means I am finally meeting her precious, adorable animal children!!! I basically stole Mako the second I stepped through her doorway.

Pre-Run Beverage from Kendra’s Coffee Cart, San Diego, CA:


Peppermint mocha

Getting into the holiday spirit with a peppermint mocha, since the weather wasn’t going to do it for me. I like enjoying my peppermint mochas on sunny walks, not chattering over a cup as  I walk home in subzero temperatures.

Post-Run Snacks from Daily Bagel, San Diego, CA:


Jalapeno cheddar bagel (ate 1 1/2)


Acai bowl











Mako decided he really wanted my bagel (don’t blame him, it was a really good one!) and tried to chomp on it so a quarter of it fell on the ground. Also couldn’t leave San Diego without eating an acai bowl. This one was a bit more frozen than I’d normally enjoy but at least I can get one here. Living up to my Californian stereotype. 

Dinner at Rakiraki Ramen & Tsukemen, San Diego, CA: 


Takoyaki (shared w/Karen & John)


Miso ramen (gave the pork & egg to Karen)

Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you Karen for treating me to real ramen. I’ve been so deprived that this tasted like heaven and all the goodness in life. The broth was flavourful and had depth; it was not some hot water with spices added in (ahem, Whole Foods). And the noodles were real ramen noodles too! Ann Arbor, get on this level please. 

Dessert at Up2You Cafe, San Diego, CA:


Brick toast w/blueberries, condensed milk & vanilla ice cream (shared w/Karen & John)

First time eating brick toast! Normally it’s super sweet but this was pleasantly not sickeningly sweet. Definitely not meant for one person though. Thank you for dinner and dessert, Karen! (I’m just going to keep thanking you for everything.)