Having a Karen and Michelle partial day. 🙂

I also discovered my new favourite “sandwich”: a Fisherman’s Torta from Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. Life changer.



Smoothie made by Karen (coconut milk, strawberry, chia seeds, pomegranate, pineapple, etc)

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m allergic to coconut but a little coconut milk never hurt… just don’t feed me desiccated coconut. Plus it was such a Southern California smoothie and perfect after a run.



Lime tortilla chips — 1/2 avocado — baby carrots — pb w/cinnamon

Lunch at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood — Emerald St., San Diego, CA:


Ceviche (shared w/Karen)

Incredibly limey and delicious. I normally hate shrimp and onions, but this wasn’t half bad! I would eat this again.


Fisherman’s torta: spicy shrimp, scallops, grilled & smoked fish — Grilled octopus (pulpo) taco (shared both w/Karen)

Oh my god. This is hands down one of my favourite meals of all-time and it’s such a good thing I don’t live near an Oscar’s. The marinade for both the torta and taco was smoky and sweet, complementing the cabbage perfectly. So much depth and flavour!! Must, must, must order any time you’re near an Oscar’s. 

Dinner at Ramen Izakaya Ouan, San Diego, CA:


Ouan rainbow ramen: Nagasaki Champon style, tonkotsu soup w/shrimp, green mussel, squid, scallop, cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, red ginger & quail egg (gave to Karen)

Not much depth to the broth. Quite mediocre. Rakiraki was way better.