Last full day in San Diego before heading up to Big Bear for some snow! 

Spending it like the stereotype: at the beach, stuffed with Mexican and Asian foods. 



Sipped leftover soup broth — yerba mate tea

Lunch from El Zarape, San Diego, CA:


Scallop burrito (plus bites of Karen’s calamari burrito)

They have so many options here,  including lobster, scallop, and calamari. I personally preferred Karen’s calamari burrito because mine tasted just like clam (“scallop”) chowder in a burrito. Very creamy (perhaps a bit too creamy) and extremely difficult to eat at the dog beach. The calamari burrito was drier and I thought the salsas complemented the calamari better.

Dinner at Chon Ju Jip, San Diego, CA:


Assortment of banchan (and Karen’s dish)


Spicy tofu soup

Not bad, not bad. Spicy tofu soup is always delicious  on a cold day. 

Snack at ShareTea, San Diego, CA:


Fresh taro milk tea w/egg pudding

Taro is normally way too sweet and artificial for me, but this fresh taro drink was great!! Not too sweet and you can actually taste the taro flavour. New favourite place for taro milk tea. Thanks for the recommendation, John!