Getting up at before the crack of dawn to go snowboarding up at Big Bear!

First time snowboarding (thanks Karen and Shawyan!), and am very much black and blue now.


2015-12-22 09.59.38

Oatmeal w/brown sugar and raisins (surrounded by everyone else’s burritos)

Big Bear Resort’s cafeteria actually has decently priced meals! Forget Heavenly at Tahoe. 

Late Lunch:

2015-12-22 16.30.44

Late lunch, early dinner in the making! Snacking while cooking is the best.

2015-12-22 17.42.27

Chile rellenos by Salome — pancakes

Being all cute and homey in the cabin! 🙂 

Late Dinner at Neo’s Deep Creek Drive-In, Running Springs, CA:

2015-12-22 20.36.35

Salsa w/chips — fish taco — Karen’s shrimp tacos — bean & cheese burrito (ate half)

This was the cutest hole-in-the-street diner (also the only place open at 8:30PM on a Tuesday) and everyone was starved so I think any place would have been heavenly. Highly recommend the fish tacos here though. Surprisingly fresh and well-battered for someplace in the middle of nowhere.