A successful attempt at snowboarding! I can control my board now πŸ™‚ 

Also managed to teach my cousin after having only boarded once, which is quite a feat.


2015-12-27 07.56.39

Grapes β€” green tea β€” oatmeal w/avocado, green papaya & curried potatoes

2015-12-27 08.24.51

Espresso β€” assorted cookies

Post-Snowboarding Beverage at Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe, CA:

2015-12-27 16.19.24

Complimentary hot cocoa (drank two sips)

Way too sweet, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Late Dinner at Forest Buffet β€” Harrah’s, Stateline, NV:

2015-12-27 20.52.08 (2)

Clam chowder β€” assorted salads β€” veggie lo mein β€” sesame ball

2015-12-27 21.11.33

Carrot sticks β€” assorted sushi β€” mac & cheese β€” corn β€” roasted veggies β€” watermelon β€” pineapple pizza

2015-12-27 21.35.11

Cheesecake β€” tiramisu-esque dessert β€” egg roll (didn’t eat) β€” custard dumpling thing β€” lettuce β€” sesame ball β€” veggie lo mein

Didn’t eat all of everything. This was a very, very mediocre buffet but I was starving  (hadn’t eaten since breakfast which was around 8AM, and the buffet had a two hour wait, making it 8:30PM before we got seated). Definitely not worth the price or wait. The pineapple pizza here is halfway decent though.

2015-12-27 21.47.02

Watermelon β€” cantaloupe β€” swirl soft-serve β€” oat & nut bar