Went rock climbing this morning and then proceeded to nearly kill myself cross-country skiing. I think I prefer snowboarding. There’s too many things to keep coordinated with skiing. 


2016-01-16 09.46.50

Granola bar

Energising our bodies before rock climbing!

Lunch at Tokyo Grill & Sushi, Grand Rapids, MI:

2016-01-16 13.18.41

Tuna sashimi (ate a piece)

Thanks for sharing, Teresa! Not the best sashimi I’ve had, but it’s not terrible. 

2016-01-16 13.41.49

Salmon — tuna — eel — octopus

I liked the eel the best. Everything was mediocre, but will suffice for a sushi craving .

2016-01-16 13.57.48

Green tea — orange

I like how they serve oranges here to end the meal! 


2016-01-16 15.17.33

Carrots & pb

Snack While Skiing: 

2016-01-16 16.50.18

Granola bar

Skiing is hard work. My butt feels it.

Dinner at The Mitten Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI:

2016-01-16 20.04.50

Mitten stout (I think)

I don’t quite remember what the name of this beer is anymore (the consequences of posting a month late), but it definitely was a stout of some kind and I remember ordering it because it had mitten in the name. Wanted to be all local, you know?

2016-01-16 20.33.11

“The Big Show”: giant pretzel w/beer cheese, salsa & mustard

BEST PRETZEL I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. GO HERE FOR THE PRETZELS. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. Soft, warm, chewy… mm. I could live off this pretzel. Definitely get the beer cheese and mustard as a sauce. The salsa was mediocre and too sweet for me.

2016-01-16 20.55.27

Pineapple, pesto & tomato pizza (w/chicken on half of the pizza)

Sorry pizza, after that pretzel, nothing else compares. 

Late Night Snack:

2016-01-16 23.12.55

Chocolate chip cookies, baked by Jaylee