Went to a gorgeous park in West Michigan to snow-shoe today (my first time!) and then nearly died when KP and I were walking along a frozen pier. 


2016-01-17 11.27.34

Leftover pizza (picked off the chicken)


2016-01-17 11.35.22

Chocolate chip cookie


2016-01-17 12.46.54

Carrots & pb


2016-01-17 15.14.59-1

Chocolate chip cookie

Cookie in the wild!


2016-01-17 16.13.47-1

Hot chocolate

Warming up after our walk with hot chocolate. 

Beverages at The Sparrows, Grand Rapids, MI:

2016-01-17 20.13.34-1

Kevin’s steamer — cafe latte

Mmm. Can we take a moment to appreciate the latte art?? The drink itself was quite good, strong and not too milky. 

2016-01-17 21.39.16

Matcha green tea latte

Not the best matcha latte I’ve had. It was alright, but I would rather not pay about five bucks for this. 

Late Night Snack:

2016-01-17 22.38.14

Chocolate chip cookie