Literally. Dad woke me up at 5AM and we were on our way to Orange County within a half hour. We made stops in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, and didn’t return home until midnight. MIDNIGHT. 


2016-06-08 05.36.01

English muffin


2016-06-08 09.33.31

Orange scone ā€” jicama

Lunch in Orange County, CA:

2016-06-08 13.23.04

Vegetarian kimbap (picked out all the eggs)

My aunt bought me this since the rest of lunch contained meat of some sort. Except I don’t eat eggs so it was more of a rice and pickled veggies roll for me. 

2016-06-08 13.46.57


Dinner in Santa Barbara, CA:

2016-06-08 18.21.01

Cookies & cream ice cream ā€” apple

I love this picture and how my brother ran into his dining common to get me “dinner”. I guess I have the protein and carbs…

Midnight Snack in Gilroy, CA:

2016-06-08 23.14.58

Chocolate milkshake ā€” French fries (shared both with brother)

Hungry, tired and so damn close to home.