Hung out with Jimmy today, whom I haven’t seen since we graduated from Amherst (or did I see him in December?), and had some maths talk. Then my parents decided that we simply must have a family dinner tonight. Those are always weird and end up with my mom crying. 

Brunch with Jimmy at Pho Vi Hoa, Mountain View, CA:

2016-06-11 13.03.11

Veggie noodle soup

Not the best soup I’ve had — go to San Jose if you want good pho. I liked that there was a lot of toppings though.

Dessert at Satura Cakes, Los Altos, CA:

2016-06-11 13.47.52

Green tea cream puff (shared w/Jimmy)

I quite liked this! Not too sweet, nice crunchy top and good filling to pastry ratio. I do wish the green tea flavour had been stronger though. This bakery is located in downtown Los Altos, which is a very cute and relaxing street to walk on if you guys are nearby. 


2016-06-11 17.37.36


Dinner with the family at Sweet Tomatoes, San Jose, CA:

2016-06-11 20.49.56

Assorted salad — sourdough bread — pumpernickel bread — veggie soup — carrot sriracha soup — assorted muffins (not pictured) — cornbread (not pictured)

Ate way, way too much. I always just end up eating soup, salad and an entire loaf of bread.