Parents came back late last night with boxes of food from their trip, which means today is the feast of leftovers. I should be packing the house up more; it’s a measly ten days or so until we move up north. 


2016-06-20 09.00.22

Spinach — kale — opo squash — leftover pineapple pizza — tea w/milk

Breakfast of champions. The book I’m reading, Down and Out in Paris and London, is Orwell’s account of poverty in well, Paris and London. Reading that while eating has made me appreciate my food all the more, although perhaps it isn’t the best book to read while eating if you’re a bit squeamish. 


2016-06-20 13.27.14

Tea w/milk — assorted vegetarian imitations (had a little forkful of each) — spinach — oatmeal

Mom bought these imitation meats at some Vietnamese temple. If you ‘re unfamiliar with vegetarian dishes, let it be known that Asian imitation meats* are highly, highly superior. From the left, there’s imitation shredded “pork”, imitation pickled meat (I think, I’m unsure how to translate this), and imitation braised “beef”. The pork was very salty and about three pieces was more than enough for me. The pickled meat with pickled veggies is similar in taste to those pickled daikons and carrots in banh mi. And the eerily real hunk of “beef” (complete with fake fat made from parsnips as I’m told) was much too realistic for me.  

*I’m more well-versed with Vietnamese, but I think this applies to any Asian country whose religious principles favour non-meat dishes. Why? Because most Vietnamese monks are vegetarian (depending on their Buddhist school of thought) and have been for centuries. If you’ve been something for that amount of time, I’d like to think they mastered the art of it. 


2016-06-20 14.53.09


Parents also bought a ton of jackfruit. Oh hullo, Doctor.


2016-06-20 18.51.41

Honey roasted peanuts — tea w/milk — kale salad w/avocado, baby carrots, opo squash & vegetarian imitation meats

The avocado helps temper out the potent flavours of the imitation meats. Quite a nice salad!


2016-06-20 20.09.28

Water chestnuts — baby carrots — green bean sweet rice

Green beans are used in a lot of Vietnamese dishes, and sweet rice is extremely glutinous and sticky. The green bean is added (in my opinion) mostly for texture, since it almost resembles a powder in this form.


2016-06-20 20.28.18

Pho (ate two bites)

Oh my god, quite possibly the worst pho I’ve ever had in my life. Dad bought it from some place nearby and made me a bowl without meat. However, I only managed two spoonfuls of broth and a chopstick-ful of noodles before giving him back the bowl. Very pungent with an awful bitter aftertaste.