Another day of studying with intermittent reading and Doctor Who breaks. So exciting I know.


2016-06-21 11.44.03

Tea w/milk — freshly squeezed OJ — kale salad w/jicama, steamed bean curd, imitation meats & avocado


2016-06-21 18.22.03

Jicama — mango — tofu pudding w/syrup — cinnamon tea w/milk


2016-06-21 20.35.41

Mango & avocado spring rolls

Yes, I’m on a Doctor Who binge. Or well, science fiction/fantasy binge (hullo X-Files, Merlin, and Torchwood!). I’m finally watching my favourite Doctors in order (instead of the random one or two episodes that I catch whenever I find it streaming). For extraneous information, that’s the ninth doctor and up. It takes a lot of willpower for me to get through any episode in the more “classic” series.