love vegetarian egg rolls, but only those made by my mother. Stephanie (my fellow I-love-Michelle’s-mum’s-egg-rolls fan club member) is back from her trip to Japan so we’re going to study* and feast on egg rolls! 

*Clearly very exciting lives we lead.


2016-06-22 13.31.10

Lettuce — kale — tea w/milk — veggie egg rolls — baby carrots — mangos

Normally we spend all day in the library or Panera, but today we came back to my house for egg rolls! I’ve always eaten egg rolls wrapped in lettuce, hence all the greenery. So much deliciousness. 


2016-06-22 19.47.03

Lettuce — kale — veggie egg rolls — mangos — soymilk — homemade flan

Dinner is the exact same affair as lunch, except my aunt made flan so we got dessert as well. All in all, a very good day. Extra perk: I WENT ON THE ROOF OF MY HOUSE TODAY. Why did I not discover this ability sooner? I could have had such wild house parties (aka me and friends reading books in a circle with tea). 

No joke, that was an actual birthday party I had once.