More studying and feasting on some favourites before the move.

EVERYONE: if you like chocolate and biscuits, you need to try these Alfort Japanese chocolate biscuits (see picture below)!!!


2016-06-23 11.25.37

Kale salad w/imitation meats, lemongrass tofu, avocado, mango chunks, baby carrots & jicama

Morning Tea:

2016-06-23 12.43.25

Tea w/milk — dark chocolate biscuits

Stephanie brought me some goodies from Japan! These can be found in vending machines  (America, step up your game!!) and are such perfect little morsels. Strong, bittersweet dark chocolate with an itsy chocolate biscuit — the perfect complement to tea. I’m going to go around Japanese markets now and see if I can find imported boxes of these. Friends, you deserve to know the wondrous flavour of these biscuits!! 


2016-06-23 15.05.48

Tea w/milk — dark chocolate biscuits — mango slices — Vietnamese sweet bean dessert

I sometimes really like these Vietnamese desserts but get tired of them after a few spoonfuls. Ate about a quarter of the cup… hopefully my dad doesn’t yell at me for not finishing this again. 

Dinner at La Costa, San Jose, CA:

2016-06-23 17.59.51

Fish tacos — horchata

Yay! Thanks for dinner, Brozo! Tacos were so much easier when I ate meat… not a fan of the orange sauce, but the fish was okay. Horchata was very sweet. 

Late Second Dinner:

2016-06-23 19.55.33

Tortilla w/jicama, lettuce, mango, bean curd & avocado