Oh, NYC how I’ve missed you! I have visited at least once a year, every year for five years. It’s a tradition by now. Can’t break it!

Lunch at Pho Lucky — Redford Charter, Detroit, MI:

2016-08-01 13.40.58

Pho w/o meat

Last lunch with Jenny for awhile. The pho here is good if you’re craving pho but nothing to write home about. I think they use too much MSG, but that’s just me.

Snack on flight from DTW to CLT:

2016-08-01 16.54.37

Mini pretzels (2) — ginger ale


Snack at CLT:

2016-08-01 18.51.45

Granola bar

Just kidding. Flight kept getting delayed… I was debating going on a search for food when they suddenly announced that the flight would be boarding soon. I could have visited Brenda. Hmph.

Late Night Snack in Brooklyn:

2016-08-01 22.51.30

Corn salad — eggplant parm pizza

Reunited with Marie! And I met the most snuggly cat ever, Khaleesi (she’s Marie’s flatmate’s cat). Salad was delicious, but the pizza was a bit too bready for me.

2016-08-01 23.14.13

Non-dairy pb & cookies ice cream — corn salad

Ben & Jerry’s never fails to disappoint.