Marie and I went on a doughnut frenzy today and bought one too many doughnuts. Oops.


2016-08-03 14.21.26

Red plum

Brunch at Clementine Bakery, Brooklyn, NY:

2016-08-03 14.38.17

Strawberry basil scone — chai latte

This bakery is ridiculously calming and adorable. There’s so much natural sunlight and plants. On top of that, their chai latte is spicy (yay ginger!) and not too sweet! Probably one of my favourite chai lattes, and I’m quite picky about them.

2016-08-03 14.44.33

Schmancy sandwich: pesto, spinach, avocado, tomato & marinated tofu on rosemary roll (w/o hollandaise sauce)

Would recommend. Great balance of flavours and solid sandwich all-around. Plus, the atmosphere is amazing. I love this bakery!

2016-08-03 14.46.30

The entire meal <3

Snack from MatchaBar, Brooklyn, NY:

2016-08-03 18.06.35

Matcha latte

Not as good as Matcha Cafe Wabi. The matcha flavour was not as strong, and the hemp milk (as recommended by the barista) made the whole drink taste rather grassy. Perhaps try the flat green (which is equal parts of matcha and milk, as opposed to a latte, which is more milk).


2016-08-03 20.38.34

The entire, very balanced spread 🙂

2016-08-03 20.42.06

Vegan cheesecake brownie, vegan pistachio cardamom doughnut, vegan blackberry fig doughnut, vegan maple bacon almond doughnut, sour cream doughnut, blueberry doughnut, maple doughnut

The vegan pastries were from The Cinnamon Snail in Manhattan and the regular doughnuts were from Peter Pan in Brooklyn.

All the ones from Peter Pan were great; I especially loved the blueberry one. The vegan cheesecake brownie was probably one of the best brownies I’ve ever had (seriously, obtain one if you can), but the rest of the vegan pastries were underwhelming. The maple bacon one had a nice smoky flavour (there wasn’t any real bacon in the doughnut) and tasted quite good paired with the regular maple doughnut. Unfortunately, the blackberry fig doughnut tasted neither like blackberry nor fig, and the pistachio cardamon doughnut just tasted like a spiced doughnut.