Two of my favourite areas in NYC!

Exploring Chinatown with Angela today, and then working in East Village until dinner with the girls! We’re eating at some psychedelic Indian restaurant that has ornaments all over their ceiling and colourful lights. Apparently one should go here only for dinner.


2016-08-04 11.29.23

Red plum

Lunch at Bo Ky Restaurant, Chinatown, NYC:

2016-08-04 12.46.03

Mustard green veggie noodle soup

Very good egg noodles, although the broth was just a little above average.

Dessert at Eileen’s Special Cheesecakes, Little Italy, NYC:

2016-08-04 14.08.04

Strawberry cheesecake — amaretto cheesecake

Favourite cheesecake place besides Black Sheep in Amherst, MA. Creamy, and appropriately sized. I don’t like Junior’s because theirs is so heavy and dense — try these instead of Junior’s. I like the strawberry cheesecake more than the amaretto though, which tasted just like a regular cheesecake topped with almonds.

Snack from Matcha Cafe Wabi, East Village, NYC:

2016-08-04 15.26.00

Matcha latte

BEST MATCHA LATTE I’VE HAD. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Very creamy, potent matcha flavouring, perfect temperature. The shop is teensy though, so no loitering around unfortunately.

Snack from B Cup Cafe, East Village, NYC:

2016-08-04 15.43.12

Chai latte

This place is uber adorable and cozy, perfect for reading or working. There’s benches and lots of sofas to sit on, along with your usual tables. I didn’t try their fancy coffee combinations, but wouldn’t recommend their chai latte. Very sweet, weak flavouring. I could barely finish this.

Dinner at Panna II, East Village, NYC:

2016-08-04 19.10.11

Papadums w/mint chutney, tamarind chutney & onion chutney

The onion chutney looks like tomatoes, but so distinctly tastes like onions. I asked Angela to sample a huge spoonful and she told me that it was tomato chutney. I took a bite and tried to spit it out immediately. Chica, I do not know what’s wrong with your tastebuds.

2016-08-04 19.58.37

Mixed veggies curry w/naan & rice (shared w/Marie)

Average curry, less than average naan and rice. Go here for the ambiance and getting to know your table mates really well. It’s cramped and loud, but the experience was entertaining. I went when some very old hippie lady had her birthday dinner, and the waitstaff actually turned off all the lights and started playing “happy birthday” with disco lights.

2016-08-04 20.29.11

Complimentary mango ice cream

Best part of the meal, honestly.

Late Night Snack:

2016-08-04 23.15.48

Cookie dough — chocolate chip cookies — green plum — vanilla ice cream

Apparently, it is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day so we felt the need to celebrate. Jenny and I went to four different (!!!) markets to find plain vanilla ice cream.

2016-08-04 23.20.28

Our take on BJ’s Pizookies