I moved into Angela’s apartment for the rest of my time in Brooklyn, so good-bye Khalessi. I will miss your morning chest cuddles and scratches.


2016-08-05 11.46.56

Red plum — blueberry donut — vegan cheesecake brownie

Still good after two days!


2016-08-05 12.31.15

Green plum — pineapple bun from Taipan Bakery

Snack from Five Guys — Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY:

2016-08-05 18.54.01

Peanuts — Cajun fries — malt vinegar (shared all w/Jenny & Angela)

We were all at the park and suddenly felt like eating fries. No shame in eating Five Guys whilst in NYC.

Snack while watching the Rio Olympics:

2016-08-05 21.02.19


The opening of the Rio Olympics was very strange and got rather boring. But we had good snacks while watching!

2016-08-05 21.15.37

Green tea egg tart from Taipan Bakery

I don’t like overly eggy egg tarts and this actually tastes like green tea! Very much like a green tea custard.

2016-08-05 23.01.55

Accidental bite of Jenny’s pork bun (didn’t eat the pork though)

2016-08-05 23.09.07

Taro bread from Taipan Bakery