Rachel’s in town, so all the available ladies are doing a boozy brunch.

Brunch at Dar 525, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY:

2016-08-07 12.13.41

Brunch brunch brunch!

2016-08-07 11.48.30

Pita chips w/chocolate hummus

Chocolate hummus is a new concept for me but oh so delicious! Would highly recommend, although these were complimentary so you don’t even need to order them. I think it’s just a chickpea-based chocolate dip, but these were more enjoyable than my actual meal.

2016-08-07 12.12.35

Moroccan mint tea — pistachio pizza

Strange, strange combination so of course I had to order it! Cheesy pizza with an extra layer of creaminess (and then strange gritty texture) from the pistachios. Good for a slice or two, but an entire pizza is overwhelming. Gave quite a few away.

2016-08-07 12.21.17

Close-up of the pistachio pizza


2016-08-07 18.12.07

Green plums (3) — leftover cream puffs — leftover pizza

I’m so obsessed with these green plums. Single-handedly buying out Mr. Kiwi’s stock.

Dinner at Great NY Noodletown, Chinatown, NYC:

2016-08-07 22.22.47

Veggie dumpling w/egg noodle soup

I liked the egg noodles from Bayard Bo Ky Restaurant better, but this was a solid bowl of soup.

2016-08-07 22.23.34

Marie’s ginger & scallion noodles — Angela’s meaty egg noodle soup — my not-so-meaty egg noodle soup

Dessert at Juicy Spot, Chinatown, NYC:

2016-08-07 22.01.57

Unique Dragon: yogurt base w/dragon fruit, topped w/dragon fruit, strawberries, chocolate shavings & chocolate drizzle (shared w/Angela & Marie)

Waited about thirty minutes for this $7 bowl of ice cream rolls. It’s an interesting novelty, but I don’t think I’d order this again unless I was in Thailand. Angela thinks the ice cream tasted burnt, but I think it was just too icy. It does melt in your mouth and the combination is pretty refreshing, but not worth the hype.

Late Night Snack:

2016-08-08 00.43.25

Freshly baked bread — pb — lingonberry jam

Made bread, but I overproofed it so instead of a nice, fluffy loaf, it’s flat and sad. The taste was spot-on though (hurray!).