Bit of a hectic day.

Have to say good-bye to Angela and Marie, pack, and meet up with Caitlin and Shannon. Thanks for all the eats and company!


2016-08-08 11.37.09

Chocolate chip Eggo waffles — green plums — strawberries (shared all w/Angela)

Thanks for the breakfast in bed, Angela! Eggo waffles will now forever make me think of Stranger Things (2016).


2016-08-08 13.29.19

Spoonful of chickpeas

Sip from El Kucho, Brooklyn, NY:

2016-08-08 14.58.15


Way, way too sweet. This should be the base for a litre of horchata. Good texture though.


2016-08-08 15.27.57

Fresh bread w/pb & lingonberry jam — green plum

Dinner at Momofuku Nishi, Chelsea, NYC:

2016-08-08 18.09.16

Bitter greens in vegetarian XO sauce — Impossible burger — fries (shared all w/Marie)

Another food trend, check! Marie and I got the bitter greens after a short discussion with our (Aussie?) waiter. Solid, solid. I think I liked this more than the burger and fries.

2016-08-08 18.13.26

Side view of the Impossible burger

The burger itself was amazing in aesthetic. Just look at that “blood”. Our waiter recommended cheese, but I think that just masked the flavour of the patty. If I were truly missing meat, then this would be a good substitute for meat. But if I were a meat-eater, this burger is lacking in the chargrilled flavour although the essence of meat was spot-on. I didn’t like how the bun was cold and untoasted, and it’s not a burger I would probably get again. There are better vegetarian burgers out there.

Dessert from Molly’s Cupcakes, West Village, NYC:

2016-08-08 20.30.12

Pb nutella: pb cake, nutella filling, buttercream nutella frosting — Ron Bennington: chocolate cake, pb filling, chocolate ganache, crushed butterscotch topping — green plum

I made good choices. Didn’t like how there was a chunk of nutella in the middle of the pb nutella cupcake, so if you want a chocolate pb cake, get the Ron Bennington. The two cupcakes paired nicely with each other though.

Late Night Snack at Caitlin’s:

2016-08-09 00.56.59


Reuniting with Caitlin after a year!! I’m leaving for Amherst in the morning so it was a late night catch-up session with Shannon (who joined us after work). So nice to see you, even though we were both bleary-eyed and making no sense.