Back at Amherst and spending the day at Reader to Reader! 🙂

Sylvia and I couldn’t decide on what to make for dinner and spent about an hour just flipping through a cookbook. The dishes we made tonight were simple, but prep time took forever (maybe another hour).


2016-08-10 10.15.44

Chocolate cookies w/cream centre (3) + chunk of chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain (unpictured)

Yeah, yeah. Biscuits for breakfast.

Lunch from Pita Pocket, Amherst, MA:

2016-08-10 14.01.25-1

Falafel pocket

Always a solid choice at Amherst.


2016-08-10 19.15.26

Cereal — banana

I got too hungry whilst grocery shopping and had to eat something before dinner.


2016-08-10 21.00.31

Grapefruit juice — pickled beetroot, grapefruit & goat cheese salad w/grapefruit vinaigrette

2016-08-10 21.03.10

Cous cous w/preserved lemons & herbs (cilantro, mint, scallions)

2016-08-10 21.05.24

Our delicious dinner!

2016-08-10 21.11.54

Another look at dinner! Salad made mostly by me and cous cous by Sylvia.

I don’t normally like any of the herbs (except mint) in the cous cous and preserved lemons, but this wasn’t bad! Mixed in really well with the cous cous and the flavour was on the lighter side, which I appreciated. The pickled beetroot salad was delicious though, definitely something I’d make again.

2016-08-10 21.39.34

Coffee liqueur

Oh you know, just a nightcap… by the way, this is highly superior to Kahlua (and way cheaper).