Preparing and executing a British-inspired Afternoon Tea spread at Reader to Reader today! Or Eater to Eater as Talia likes to say. πŸ˜‰

Then I’m meeting Daria for coffee. Haven’t seen her for almost three years!


2016-08-11 09.10.18

Peach yogurt β€” bananas (w/spoonful of pb, not pictured)

Afternoon Tea at Reader to Reader:

2016-08-11 15.21.14

Ploughman’s Scones: aged cheddar & thyme scones filled w/tomato chutney, apples & watercress

2016-08-11 15.21.40

Dried fruit scones

2016-08-11 15.21.47

Earl grey chocolate cake β€” Victoria sponge cake

Ate way too much of everything, but all were very scrumptious. My favourite was the Ploughman’s Scones, which I was wary about due to the combination of tomato chutney and watercress, but it worked fantastically.

Tea at Amherst Coffee, Amherst, MA:

2016-08-11 16.14.12

Chai latte

First time trying AmCo’s chai latte. It’s not very sweet, which is good, but there’s also not much flavour to it. I’ve never had a chai latte that tasted more “roasty” than spicy/sweet before. Don’t think I’d get it again.

Daria and I chatted over espressos and tea (how very adult of us), and decided to grab some baklava after hours in AmCo. It’s a good friendship when you haven’t seen each other for years and can still converse.

Snacks from Pita Pocket, Amherst, MA:

2016-08-11 18.52.22

Falafel (shared w/Daria)

Complimentary falafels while waiting in line! Can’t say no.

2016-08-11 18.57.34

Pistachio baklava

Honestly one of the top baklavas I’ve ever had.

Dinner at Osteria Vespa, Amherst, MA:

2016-08-11 19.27.28

Bread w/olive oil

Complimentary! Loving my first time here already. I wish they gave us a basket of bread though, not just a couple slices at a given time.

I guess coffee/tea turned into dessert turned into dinner… fun fun times.

2016-08-11 19.35.16

Taleggio (CA’ de Ambros): washed rind cow’s milk β€” Caciotta al Tartufo: cow and sheep’s milk w/black truffles β€” crackers β€” cherry (?) jam β€” assorted pickled veggies

Solid cheese choices, Daria. I was partial to the Taleggio, which was a creamier and sharper cheese. Super tasty with the jam, and neither here nor there with the bread and cracker. (The cracker just added a crunchy texture, and the bread both added and detracted from the cheeses. I know it doesn’t make any sense.) The Caciotta al Tartufo was very light in texture and taste. Rather mild I suppose, and the truffles were also more of an underlying flavour.

2016-08-11 19.52.32

Spinach fettucini w/vodka salsa rosa, baby spinach, roasted grape tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red & yellow peppers, olives (gave to Daria), Reggiano Parmesan

Daria and I split this entree, which was another awesome choice. I’m a big fan of any fresh tomato-based sauce, especially when fresh basil is added. The Reggiano Parmesan was sharp and added some depth to the dish. Also enjoyed dipping the complimentary bread with the extra sauce.

2016-08-11 20.30.19

Cannoli filled w/ricotta, orange zest & pistachios (shared w/Daria)

I don’t normally like cannolis, but this was great! Very light, especially when compared to the famous cannolis from Mike’s Pastries in Boston (not recommended). The addition of orange zest to the ricotta was a very good choice on their part.

2016-08-11 20.30.26

Vanilla bourbon panna cotta w/raspberries & aged balsamic vinegar (shared w/Daria)

Daria’s first time eating panna cotta, and it seemed well-received, hurray! Incredibly creamy and rich, with a nice punch from the bourbon. The balsamic vinegar and raspberries also helped cut the creaminess, which I really liked. Probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the entire plate on my own, so I’m glad we shared this.

2016-08-11 19.52.39

Appetiser and entree

2016-08-11 20.30.45

Dolce dolce dolce