Last night turned into an impromptu dance/awkwardly-flail-around session.

Today consisted of eating, dancing, eating, dancing, and combating the thunderstorm for ice cream. Great priorities. 


2016-08-13 11.28.15

Peach yogurt — banana — cereal

Snack at the Amherst Farmer’s Market:

2016-08-13 11.52.57

Nectarine black tea popsicle (+green tea plum, mango jalapeno, not pictured)

Had the hardest time deciding between flavours but finally did it! The nectarine flavour was definitely the more prominent one, but the black tea added a nice depth. Very much enjoyed on this hot and humid afternoon.

2016-08-13 13.04.46

Mushroom & goat cheese croissant (shared w/Sylvia)

I think I had the asparagus goat cheese version last year. Overall, solid croissant but would have preferred a more even distribution and not-mushrooms. Thanks for eating all the mushroomy parts, Sylvia!


2016-08-13 13.19.30

Apple slice from Kunali

The woman from the farmer’s market yelled out, “SAMPLE!” and handed Kunali an entire apple. I can taste why. Mealy, super sour and dry.


2016-08-13 13.58.54

Edamame w/garlic & sesame oil — edamame w/citrus & pepper — olive bread — brie cheese — gruyere cheese (shared all w/Sylvia)

2016-08-13 14.45.44

Some of a chocolate chip walnut cookie


2016-08-13 18.54.41

Roasted potatoes — housemade ketchup — grilled aubergine

2016-08-13 18.58.32

Three dishes, three cooks. 😉

Late Night Ice Cream:

2016-08-13 22.50.13

Amaretto cookie — pina colada (pineapple coconut rum) ice cream

Took a spoonful from Sylvia’s bowl. Not bad, but since I can’t eat coconut anymore, I prefer Maple Valley’s orange pineapple version.

2016-08-13 23.38.17

Coffee oreo ice cream

Was totally going to walk to Amherst Ice Cream (formerly known as Bart’s) in a thunderstorm, but Kim drove us instead! Hurray! Kunali and I have been craving ice cream for two days now.