Meeting up with the Amherst crew (hello, Wind$or!) one last time before my flight!

Thanks for everything, guys! So nice to see you again!!!


2016-08-14 10.07.34

Cereal — peach yogurt

Lunch at Bombay Palace, Northampton, MA:

2016-08-14 13.17.29

Dosa — naan — assorted veggie curries (way, way too much)

Ate way too many plates. I have a picture of all the proper names of each curry and sauce, but I figure veggie curry is succinct enough.

2016-08-14 14.10.51

Cheese curds in sweet milk — rice pudding — carrot pudding — honey fried dough ball

Strangely, the carrot pudding was the best once you got over its colour. The cheese curds had a strange, almost chalky texture but the milk it was soaked in was great. Apparently the cheese curds taste better when eaten in small amounts to maximise the amount of sweet milk per bite.

Late Snack at the Chicago Airport:

2016-08-14 21.04.00


Wasn’t going to eat since I had such an enormous lunch but this flight delay has pushed back my sleeping.

Late Snack on Flight:

2016-08-14 23.56.02

Snack mix

Arriving back in Ann Arbor around 3AM… joy.