Last day of class today!

Then Jenny, Desmond and I are hauling my mattress to Kalamazoo. I’m trying this new foam pad method to see if it will help my back and posture. I guess it’ll be like going back to my Asian roots.

Thank you to Desmond for driving slowly with my mattress on his hatchback for two hours! Pieces of plastic were flying everywhere because Jenny and I wrapped the bed in multiple layers of cling wrap, but had no packaging tape to securely hold the layers of plastic down. Yikes.


2016-08-26 07.42.00

Tea — milk — cereal w/almond milk — blueberry serrano yogurt

This yogurt flavour was actually quite appetising — reminded me of a creamy spicy sauce. But I think it made me horrendously sick. Thank god I ate breakfast early because I was vomiting shortly after. Big thank you to Jenny who drove me to school so that I was on time!


2016-08-26 12.04.30

Ginger chews — wintergreen mints — chocolate chip cookie dough bar — blueberry muffin bar

Staying light on the stomach today.

2016-08-26 12.25.00

Granola bar — sip of Desmond’s ginger lemon tea

Was still hungry so ate my emergency granola bar. Also tried Desmond’s tea (featuring Desmond in the background) but it’s ridiculously sweet. That is not tea.

Dinner at The Beer Exchange, Kalamazoo, MI:

2016-08-26 21.05.18

Sips of people’s beers: Alaskan summer — chocolate sombero — lagunitas sucks

Chocolate sombero is kind of a spicy stout! Most intriguing.

2016-08-26 21.38.21

Harvest burger w/fries: grilled zucchini, squash, onion, carrot & garbanzo patty w/tomato, arugula & mustard

Same thing I ate last time. I’m constantly deciding between this and the veggie lasagna but the burger has won out twice. This place is well-known for their burgers (see an example of a meat one below) and other people who have strayed were dissatisfied.

2016-08-26 21.36.41

View of the Aristocrat burger

2016-08-26 21.36.53

Great food, friends and fun!