I should have asked the waitress if the gravy was sausage-based, but in my past experiences, the menu will always state what the gravy is made from unless it’s plant-based or flour. I assumed it was mushroom-based and was completely incorrect. According to Caitlin, real gravy is always made from sausage and “clearly I’m not from the South”.

Oh well. You live and learn.

Breakfast at The Crow’s Nest, Kalamazoo, MI:

2016-08-27 11.32.40

Biscuits & gravy (scraped off all the gravy)

The biscuits were fluffy, but dry (probably because they’re best eaten with the gravy). Potatoes were well-seasoned, if not on the peppery side. I do wish I had been able to eat the gravy.

2016-08-27 11.31.51

Breakfast with the crew!

Beverages at the Black Owl Cafe, Kalamazoo, MI:

2016-08-27 13.57.03

Sip of Kevin’s espresso mint spritzer

This was espresso mixed with seltzer and crushed mint leaves. Interesting concept but not something I’d drink.

2016-08-27 13.59.02

Sip of Jenny’s chai latte

Too sweet unfortunately.

2016-08-27 14.01.45

Masala chai w/steamed milk

Not spicy or flavourful enough. Tasted more like steamed milk. The Black Owl is a really cute cafe with some odd owl decor though. I think their coffee may be better than their teas, although they offer a vast selection of loose leafs.


2016-08-27 20.36.26

Jenny’s pasta — pretzel bread w/cranberry cheese (shared w/Jenny) — Thai green curry — tea — strawberry basil yogurt (ate a spoonful) — fig & lemon zest yogurt

A Jenny and Michelle night! We’re watching some films on Netflix while enjoying our dinner. New definition of TV dinners. 😉

Pro tip: pretzel bread from Whole Foods is surprisingly fluffy, not overly salty and keeps well! Definitely recommend!