Back at Amherst, Emma and I would have EMz Dates to catch-up with each other amidst our busy schedules. Now that we’re both in SE Michigan, the EMz Dates can continue!


2016-08-30 12.24.38

Strawberry yogurt — roasted corn — bread — Wensleydale cheese w/cranberries

Dinner at Seva, Detroit, MI:

2016-08-30 18.17.34

Sip of Emma’s mango lassi

Very icy. Both the yogurt and mango flavours were potent, but the creaminess factor was lacking.

2016-08-30 18.26.50

Cantaloupe soup (shared w/Emma)

This tasted like mashed up cantaloupe with some cinnamon. Very refreshing.

2016-08-30 18.34.11

Pistachio pear bruschetta* (shared w/Emma)

What is this and how have I never had it before? The spread was pistachio lemon, which paired beautifully with the sweet pears. A little bit salty, a little sweet, some crunch and some blandness. I could have happily eaten this whole plate by myself.

*According to Caitlin, who studied abroad in Italy, “this isn’t bruschetta yo. This is just pieces of bread”.

2016-08-30 18.39.53

Vegan fettuccine alfredo w/garlic bread (shared w/Emma)

I’m not generally a big fan of creamy things (alfredo, mayo, whipped cream, etc), mushrooms or garlic, but I do love artichoke and pasta. Quite glad I got this actually. Not overly creamy or heavy (surprising!) and I liked the contrasting textures. Could have used some more black pepper, but I just love pepper.

2016-08-30 18.40.10

Emma’s goat cheese ravioli w/garlic bread (ate several pieces)

Pistachio is the theme of the night! The goat cheese ravioli was topped with a pistachio lemon pesto, which was nice for about two pieces of ravioli. Then the goat cheese got overwhelming, and I found myself wishing for a tart sauce to cut the creaminess.

2016-08-30 19.18.07

Peanut butter chocolate tart (shared w/Emma)

Gosh, we went full out. Peanut butter cookie filled with a peanut butter mousse and topped with chocolate ganache — decadent beyond belief and tasted like the most gourmet Reese’s peanut butter cup you can imagine. Not for the faint of heart.