Anita is joining me and Jenny for Afternoon Tea! 

Side note: I’ve realised that with less than four months left in Michigan, Jenny and I have to go every three weeks instead of four. No other place will ever be able to accommodate my tea drinking habits; where else can I order unlimited pots?? 

MATES, please visit me soon so I have more reason to come here (hah). 

Afternoon Tea at TeaHaus, Ann Arbor, MI:

2017-01-07 11.47.52

Smoky tomato soup w/ lapsang black tea

2017-01-07 12.02.04

Raspberry macaron — petit four — salted caramel macaron — lavender shortbread — lemon macaron (shared all macarons)

2017-01-07 12.02.07

Cream scone — cinnamon chip scone

2017-01-07 12.02.11

Cucumber cream cheese — brie w/fig spread — artichoke dip — egg salad (I just had an extra cucumber cream cheese sandwich)

2017-01-07 12.03.46-2

Tea Imbibed

By Anita: China milky jade, pear mango, goji berry

By Jenny: marangi, phoenix dragon pearl, China gunpowder temple of heaven, vata 

By yours truly (yes, I out-drink most people in tea): 

Russian samovar – a favourite, dark and robust. 

chili chocolate – always fun, definitely more fragrant than flavourful but there is a slight kick.  

Japan kukicha extra – aka twig tea, light in flavour but cleansing, not sure how I feel about it yet. 

ginger orange black – ooh, so gingery but not very orangey at all. 

China royal jasmine curls – light and fragrant, Jenny and I both like the curls more than the pearls. 

matcha genmaicha – a favourite, highly recommend if you like green tea with a nice smokiness 

strawberry citrus – got inspired by this while waiting for the restroom, it’s like warm strawberry lemonade! 

anise caraway fennel – I always try to drink this to “digest” but honestly, I just love licorice (another licorice favourite: vata). 

decaf China chun mee – bit weak, but I guess you could call it cleansing. 

decaf earl grey – very, very fragrant, I don’t know if I like how perfumey this is. 

Late Dinner:

2017-01-07 17.16.21

Leftover veggie pho